Cathy, the cow

cathy, the cow-web

charlotte, the alpaca

Proud of her soft hair, Charlotte always was in perfect shape. Her long neck sticking out made her appear to be arrogant at times but really she was full of grace and old fashioned charme.
charlotte, the alpaca_web

daniel, the dalmatiner

Daniel had been the farm dog all his life. He made sure that the chickens returned to their home at night and that the rabit didn't eat up all the lettuce. While the famer was gone to sell his produce at the farmer's market he guarded the house and the grounds.
daniel the dalmatiner

donald, the donkey

Donald, always friendly and dependable, he helped with getting the firewood from the forest to the farm. Not the fasted animal but probably the one with the most endourance, never showing a sign of fatigue, he could go on for all day. When the job was done, he enjoyed his time off and yes he loved those crispy carrots!

gregory, the bull

Gregory was a real charmer- loved by all the cow ladies, he made sure to give all the ladies equal attention. He went out his way to pick them flowers and had a different love poem for each lady friend. He became a proud father of a dozen of calves.
gregory, the bull-web

Gretl- the goat

Gretl, the goat originally came from the Swiss Alps. She immigrated to Canada long time ago. Her milk made a delicious cheese! She loved to rub her head against the shrubs and loved to be the centre of attention- she loved to be photographed.

Harold, the nubian goat

harry, nubian goat



Justin, the bull


larry, the rabbit

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She used to wander in the pastures outside of the barn, a true individual who could think for herself she could never stand for herd mentality. She's part of a larger family but always set herself apart, making bold life choices - a perfect companion for anyone who knows what it's like not quite fitting in.

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire
maude, bl sheep-web

mimmi, the cow



Our Paul, a real barn stable! Very attentive, a great listener! Even vegetarians couldn't resist his charm! An amical disposition he could make the best of any situation, which can be tough when everybody thinks of you as breakfast.

Material(s): raw wool, wood


Polly never had a bad hair day! Always a lady, Polly knew how to set her hair in rollers to make curls spring just right. She was always the bell of the barn...keep her around for inspiring beauty and coquetterie...

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire
polly, the sheep web

Russel, the nubian goat

Russel, the nubian goat

sony, the alpaca

sony, the alpaca

the cow family

the cow family

the goat family

the goat family