Canada’s fauna is vast and wild- and the amazing thing is once in a while you encounter these critters, either on a canoe trip or even in your backyard. Here are some of them….

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Up north Perry lived a peaceful life until the recent years, when the ocean started to warm up and the ice started to melt much earlier than usual- it made it harder and harder for Perry and his family to get to their food source.
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Felix was a very clever fellow- he loved roaming among the blueberry bushes and chasing dragonflies. His favourite spot was hollow fallen tree stamp- he loved to crawl in there, curl up and listen to the bird songs while falling asleep.
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>From the wild to the farm, Billy was the boss! He's dynamic and knows how to mobilize his bison bretheren into action. He was a freedom fighter, always rooting for the underdog and standing up for what he believed, a true inspiration for those who admire courage of heart...<

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire, modeling paste
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arthur, the fruit lover

This is Arthur, the brown bear. Arthur loved to eat, especially fruit! He loved to stroll around in the summer and taste the sweet wild blueberries. pick some pears from the abonded orchard and always looked forward to the winter for his long snooze until the spring arrived again.

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire
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A creature from the land of rainbows, crystals, and fairies lovely Luna is mystical and cute! Take her home, let her take you on a voyage to world of dreams...

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire, modeling paste

bob, the beaver

This is Bob, the Beaver- the Canadian icon and the engeneer of the animal kingdom! Chewing away on whatever is in his way, it's almost a wonder that his teeth are still intact. He used to go on his tour in the early morning hours whenever everybody else was still asleep, constructing and re-constructing his dam, always out for the ultimate perfection!
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cedric, the black bear

Cedric was a funny character- he loves to juggle the apples and impressed the other animals with is little magical tricks. He became a legend amongst his peers.
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Christopher, the cougar

Christopher was a fierce fellow. Hiding in the trees he would suddenly jump out and make your heart stop beating. As scary as he appered first as harmless he really was- a big, very affectionate cat !
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A gourmet, among the wild life: Once he discovered the spinach and swiss chard field, we could never keep up planting them...

Material(s): raw wool, wood, wire, latex
james, the buck-web

randy, the raccoon

While Randy's siblings stayed in the country side, Randy left his wild habitat a long time ago. Along with the squirrels he shared the back alleys of the major Canadian cities. He became the master dumpster diver which made him an unpopular neighbour in the eyes of the urban dwellers.
randy, the raccoon-web

Willy, the wolfe

The opera was Willy's secret passion. On a full moon night you could hear him howling his arias, sometimes to the annoyance of the other forest animals. But that did not bother Willy at all: "What do the other understand of high art anyways?"