For the last 10 years I have been playing with fibers, foremost through the technique of felting.
Moving to the country I discovered an abundance of wool as a by-product of sheep raising for meat. As most sheep farmer’s don’t have any use for the wool, it piles up in mountains of bags in the corner of their barns….
There are different colours, textures, depending of the sheep specie.
There are the beautiful long fibres of the Karakul sheep, who found his way back in the days from as far away as Russia or wonderful curls of the Border Leicester sheep. As I snoop through neighbouring barns I constantly discover new varieties, new colours and textures…
Inspired by my findings, I started needlefelting little sculptures and eventually they turned into a whole menagery of farmcritters and eventually expanded to Canadian Wildlife: the BC Bighorn Mountain Sheep, , bear, unicorn, deer…The family is quite large now as you are about to discover ,…whatever is out there….I am continuously ” hunting” for more!
It’s a form of taxidermy, only much smaller and cuter AND there is no killing of animals or any other cruelty involved! Vegetarian friendly and 100% natural!